From the Beginning 5
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From the Beginning 5

When I read your company's offer, it stated they offered me $1 to get started, plus the royalties once my book starts selling in a year.

From the beginning, Publish America will send emails to entice you. Even after you realize that you have been entrapped with a shady publisher the emails will continue and fill your spam folder daily.

Email 8: RE DarK Athyx


When I read your company's offer, it stated they offered me $1 to get started, plus the royalties once my book starts selling in a year. Royalties sound great in the long run, but having to wait what sounds like a very long time to recieve them is not what I expected. I am looking for financial compensation quite sooner. If you can further explain this $1, to make it sound less like an insult to me, I would appreciate it.

Kevin Davison

--- On Wed, 1/20/10, PublishAmerica Acquisitions <> wrote:

From: PublishAmerica Acquisitions <>

Subject: Kevin Davison: Dark Athyx

To: "Kevin Davison" <>

Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 7:05 AM


Even though we don't require our authors to use an agent since they're not necessary, you may certainly use one if you'd like. However, agent or not, the reason they aren't necessary and why we don't require them is because the contract is between the publisher and the author, so negotiations are between us and you and do not have to involve an agent at all. So when we draft the contract, after you have agreed to it, and we send the contract to you and not them, we simply insert a clause that we send them the royalty checks and they divide the money based on whatever your agreement is with them. But they really have little or no part to play in the process at all.

So we would not submit the contract to them; it would go to you. I suppose that we could send it to them to send to you, and then you could send it to them to send to us. But the negotiations are between you and us, and not them, and the acceptance must come from you, and not them.


Acquisitions Editor



At 08:28 PM 1/19/2010, you wrote:

I have signed on with an agency called WB Agency. They handle all of my aquisitions if you are still interested in my work. Thank you for your response, however I was not represented at teh time and now I am, so any sales contracts should be submitted to WB Agency directly.

Thank you,

Kevin Davison

--- On Tue, 1/19/10, PublishAmerica Acquisitions <> wrote:

From: PublishAmerica Acquisitions <>

Subject: Kevin Davison: Your Manuscript Has Been Accepted


Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 1:32 PM

Dear Kevin Davison:

I am happy to inform you that PublishAmerica has decided to give your book the chance it deserves. We are offering to publish "Dark Athyx".

As this is an important moment, and an important message, please read this email completely from start to finish.

An email will follow this one with the sample contract attached for your review. Please do not sign and return this sample contract as it is only a sample for your review of the terms. If you do not receive the email with the attached sample contract in twenty-four hours, please contact me, so I can resend the document via another method.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the contract. The main terms are that we will pay you climbing royalties starting at 8%, you retain the copyright, and you also retain all movie and audio rights. A symbolic $1 advance underlines that all financial risk is carried by the Publisher, as we firmly believe it should be.

Upon receiving your e-mail in acceptance with the terms, we will forward the final contract documents to you via email for your signature. Along with your e-mail please include your legal name, age, current address, telephone number and title of work as you would like it to appear on the final contract. Please note that once you have requested that we send the official contract, we cannot further amend the terms. We strongly advise that you read before signing your contract. Here we address frequently asked questions about, among other issues, why we never charge our authors any fees, why bookstores cannot possibly stock all new books, and why we believe it is a good thing that bookstores can sometimes return unsold books to their wholesaler.

Once the signed contract has been processed in our offices, you will be contacted by our Production department regarding "the next step" for your book in the publishing process. Please feel free to e-mail any concerns or questions dealing with the terms of the contract to Also, please visit to see what our books are about, how we price them, and what they look like. You will find many thousands of books there!

Welcome to PublishAmerica, and congratulations on what promises to be an exciting time ahead.



Acquisitions Editor

PublishAmerica, LLLP

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