Facts About Nicholas Sparks
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Facts About Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is a writer that writes romantic loves stories. Some of his novels that he has written such as "The Notebook", "A Walk to Remember", "Dear John" and "Message In a Bottle" has been made into movies.

Nicholas Sparks was born in 1965 in the state of Nebraska. Nicholas Sparks has two other siblings. He has a brother Micah who is a year older than he is and a sister Danielle who is a year younger than Nicholas Sparks. They didn’t have a lot of money because Nicholas Spark’s dad was a college student and his mother was a stay at home mom whose main job was to take care of the kids.

Nicholas Sparks was an excellent student in high school. He also did very well in track while he was in high school and received a full scholarship. Nicholas Sparks continued in track when he was in college and did very well competing when he was in college as well.

In 1988, he met the love of his life. Her name was Cathy. They got married in 1989.

Nicholas Sparks wrote his first novel when he was in college which didn’t get published. This novel was called “The Passing”. That didn’t stop him from writing. He continued writing novels and has written quite a few. The novels that Nicholas Sparks enjoys writing about pertain to romance.

Another one of Nicholas Spark’s novel that he has written includes a love story called, “The Notebook”. The Notebook was written in 1996. This novel is a beautiful love story about two kids that spend the summer months together. When the summer was over, they started to drift apart. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He still had strong feeling for her and thought about her constantly. This novel, The Notebook later came out as a fantastic movie.

Message In a Bottle was another one of Nicholas Spark’s novel that he wrote. Message In a Bottle was written and published in 1998. This novel is another one of Nicholas Spark’s love stories that is well written. The main male character in this novel puts a message in a bottle then puts it in the water and sends it drifting away. Eventually a lady finds the bottle and reads the message. She tries everything she can to try to find the owner of the bottle. She eventually finds him. This romantic novel was later made into a movie.

A Walk to Remember is another love story that Nicholas Sparks wrote. A Walk to Remember was published in 1999. The main character’s name of this romantic love story is Landon Carter. This love story was later made into a movie.

Dear John is a romantic novel that was written by Nicholas Sparks and was published in 2007. This love story is about a guy who dropped out of school and enlisted in the army. He meets a beautiful girl and falls in love with her. This romantic love story was later made into a movie just like the novels listed above.

The Rescue is a novel that was also written by Nicholas Sparks and was published in 2000. This love story is about a fireman who risks his life to save others. He later falls in love with the mother of someone that he rescued.

Some of Nicholas Sparks other novels include The Last Song, Night In Rodanthe, Safe Haven, Three Weeks With My Brother, True Believer, A Bend In the Road, The Guardian, The Wedding, The Choice, At First Sight, as well as others. Nicholas Sparks has published various different romantic love stories. Six of his novels have been written into movies. Nicholas Sparks has made a name for himself and is an excellent writer.



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Comments (17)

I love him! He is a great author!

I enjoyed reading your great information about Nicholas Sparks. I have read his "Notebook" and have enjoyed his movie "Message in a Bottle" too.

This is an excellent review of the author Nicholas Sparks.

Jenny Heart

I have read most of his, but not the passing. Will have to read that one. Excellent article!

Fantastic review on Nick Sparks. Very well written and quite informative. Thanks Voted up!

This man is an awesome author. In fact, I'm reading "The Lucky One" now. You did a great job with this review.

Great facts about Nicholas Sparks.

This is outstanding info about an important contemporaryAmerican author.

Great article about a great writer. Thanks for enlightening us about Nicholas Sparks.

I love this review/bio on a warm writer. I loved te Notebook and several of his other books. he is very good at building characters. A really great look into the life and the man, thanks Caryn :D

I wasn't really aware of Nicholas Sparks before reading this article, realized after that I have heard of some of the films. Not read any of these books or seen the films though. Thanks for a well written review/bio :)

He wrote 'A walk to Remember'... Wow, interesting person, indeed, thanks.

Just a re-visit to once again tell you what a fine job you did on this article.

Good review.

Voted up. Great job

His books have made some incredible films!

I did not know who he was until I read this. Good work